2017 Creative Expo Taiwan Closes after Attracting 230,000 to the Cultural Explosion


2017 Creative Expo Taiwan Closes after Attracting 230,000 to the Cultural Explosion

2017 Creative Expo Taiwan Closes after Attracting 230,000 to the Cultural Explosion

2017 Creative Expo Taiwan organized by Ministry of Culture, co-organized by Taipei City Government, Ministry of Transportation and Communications and Taoyuan City Government closed on April 23. Over the five-day period, the expo attracted over 230,000 visitors to the “Cultural Explosion.” Despite the cold front, visitors remained enthusiastic, as long queues could be seen at all three exhibition areas. Number of total visitors once again reached new height, and the contents of the expo also garnered widespread praises.

CET Transformation Jumpstarted through Thematic Curating

This year’s CET aimed to jumpstart transformation through in-depth thematic curating, making cultural and creative industries more attractive by using the power of culture. Minister of Culture  Cheng Li-Chiun visited all three exhibition venues to show support for the cultural and creative businesses; foreign representatives in Taiwan, international buyers, government officials, legislators, as well as cultural and creative professionals, musicians, and designers all visited the expo, jointly setting off the cultural explosion. This year, the expo reached out for the first time to younger generation via live streaming. CET Ambassador Mickey Huang gave a guided tour of the exhibition on Facebook via live streaming, and all six sessions of Cultural and Creative Trend Forum were also broadcasted live on Facebook. In addition to accumulating over 1,000 in attendance, the live videos also attracted over 90,000 viewers online, timely spreading the explosive energy of culture.


CET featured 644 domestic and foreign exhibitors from 18 countries, showcasing contents of craft, design, and licensing; through thematic curating, the three areas were integrated with the theme of “Cultural Explosion;” outside the three main areas, the expo collaborated with 379 fringe shops across Taiwan, launched exclusive cultural stroll routes with shops recommended by municipal governments and affiliated institutions of Ministry of Culture to jointly present the diversity of Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries, create unique experience of cultural tourism, and enable all exhibitors and visitors to realize CET’s transformation and efforts.


Historic Crowd Ignited by Explosive Innovations

Furthermore, this year’s CET had a number of innovations: annual theme pavilion invited over 40 exhibitors to jointly curate and plan the exhibition to place emphasis on the exploration and dialogue on cultural issues; Huashan 1914 Creative Park also held Crafts LIVE pavilion for the first time, where artisans from Yingge in Taiwan, and Takaoka and Tsubamesanjo in Japan led visitors to create craft works on their own. Also, Crafts LOCAL pavilion invited local Taiwanese master craftsmen to demonstrate traditional techniques of bamboo weaving, drum making, and Taiwanese opera makeup live. African friendly state Burkina Faso joined the exhibition for the first time, bringing amazing West African crafts and art of recycled materials through thematic curatorial exhibition “Burkina Faso Art and Crafts.” CET organized the material application exhibition for the first time in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, which showcased diverse materials such as crops, rush grass, and honeycomb paper, through collaboration with vendors in Taiwan and Japan, expanding cultural and creative professionals’ imaginations for materials. “Rising Force” presented 32 traditional businesses subsidized by Ministry of Culture, including manufacturers of shrine desk, stationary, and musical instrument, to launch a fresh new start by turning their old images around. Expo Dome area continued to strive for becoming the base of Asian original characters. During the exhibition period, the power of fan economy was put on full display; everyday, long queues of fans showed up to see creators of original characters. Minister Cheng also showed her softer side, taking selfies with a number of cute mascots in the area. Talent100 invited over 30 artists from Europe, Asia, and America, as well as many from southeast Asian countries, strengthening Taiwan’s international connectedness.



International Trade Platform Backing Up Cultural and Creative Industry

In addition to in-depth exploration of cultural topics, CET also continued hosting cultural and creative trade platform. This year, CET attracted over 200 international buyers and 1,100 domestic buyers and professionals, facilitating over 800 sessions of business meetings. The value produced by the event, as well as total value of ensuing orders are projected to exceed 500 million NTD. International buyers came from 15 countries and regions, and distribution channels included two major department stores in Thailand, Siam and The Mall Group, renowned Thai select shops Room International and Another Story, French online shopping site Smallable, German kids’ furniture store KidsWoodLove, Japanese department stores Hankyu and Takashimaya, and Hong Kong shopping center K11 that integrates art and lifestyle; international buyers invited to the licensing area included Chinese online streaming company Xinyue Picture, Malaysian clothing chain YFSCorp, and Japan’s Sanrio.


Minister Talked with Curators in aim to further Spread the Explosive Energy of Culture

Regarding 2017 Creative Expo Taiwan’s newly adopted curatorial method, Minister Cheng believed that the DNA of Taiwan’s culture had always possessed the energy that longed for creating new things. CET is not just a trade fair; it is a cultural action that weaved and diversified memory of the origin of nativist spirit and diverse elements. Pang Wang, the curator of CET annual theme pavilion, stressed that cultural explosion is very impactful, spreading the ashes of culture to all corners. He hoped that CET could give rise to different values through original lifestyle in Taiwan. In their conversation, both expressed that they hoped to outline clearer cultural silhouette, vision, and contents through CET this year, so that the private sector and the public sector could further connect with one another.

This year marked the seventh CET, and through exhibition, forum, activities, and fringe shops, it successfully showcased local features, turned around industrial values, displayed creativity of the younger generation, reflected on appropriate design, and facilitated international exchange. Although CET has closed, CET Fringe Shops will continue to run till the end of April. Download “CET” app, check in at the 379 fringe shops across Taiwan to collect points, and you will get a chance to win wonderful gifts!