2017 Creative Expo Taiwan Opening Ceremony CET 2017 “Cultural Explosion” Officially Opens


2017 Creative Expo Taiwan Opening Ceremony CET 2017 “Cultural Explosion” Officially Opens

Asia’s annual cultural and creative event, 2017 Creative Expo Taiwan, opens simultaneously today (19) at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, and Expo Dome. This year’s CET focuses on cultural contents and adopts the theme of “Cultural Explosion” for thematic curation, featuring exhibits that showcase social phenomena, and local themes and food, to introduce culture into people’s everyday life. CET also encourages exhibitors to curate respective venues, aiming to invite professionals from all disciplines to participate in the curatorial process to engage different disciplines and hear the voices of different demographic groups, while also triggering imaginations and facilitating cultural discussions by way of dialogues.

2017 Creative Expo Taiwan is one of the year’s most important event organized by the Ministry of Culture. Opening ceremony was held at 10:30 in the morning today (19) at Legacy in Huashan 1914 Creative Park, hosted by Minister of Culture Cheng Li-chun. Distinguished guests in attendance included Vice President Chen Chien-jen, Taiwan Design Center Chairman Lin Rung-tai, curator Wang Yao-pang, foreign representatives in Taiwan, domestic and international exhibitors, buyers, and speakers, who jointly witnessed the transformation of CET this year, and raised the curtain for CET 2017.


The opening ceremony embodied the concept of “explosion,” as government officials on stage and distinguished guests off stage passed balls to symbolize interaction and exchange between authorities and cultural and design professionals from all disciplines; the collisions will ignite and trigger more energy and chain reactions. Performance featured the first ever collaboration between CET curator Wang Yao-pang and X-generation rapper Leo Wang, presenting the theme song titled “Explosion at Eighteen” that further emphasizes the theme “Cultural Explosion.” The song was performed publicly for the first time at the opening ceremony. CET looks forward to facilitating dialogues between the curators, industry, the public, and younger generation, allowing diverse lifestyles to exchange, interact, stimulate, brew, collide, and ignite enormous energy, as well as conveying the idea that this year’s CET will be the origin of the evolution and transformation of cultural and creative industry, creating greater possibility for diverse culture that belongs to this land and expressing the belief in wonderful life.


This year’s exhibition features 644 exhibitors and 379 fringe shops, exhibiting contents of the three main topics—design, crafts, and licensing. All exhibition venues are connected through thematic curation, and local pavilions and cultural stroll routes are also incorporated. Beyond the venues, the exhibition collaborates with fringe shops recommended by municipal governments, as well as cultural and art centers under Ministry of Culture, to launch cultural walking routes, exhibitions, performances, and creative gift shops, which showcase the diversity and energy of Taiwan’s cultural and creative industry, and creating the most unique cultural tourism.

Also, this year’s CET changes the old format of exhibition and turns Huashan 1914 Creative Park into a large demonstrative lab for cultural experiments, inviting domestic and international masters to demonstrate traditional crafts to pass down knowledge and skills in woodcarving, bamboo weaving, weaving, and drum making, and showcasing local features. CET also invites Japanese artisans from Takaoka and Tsubamesanjo to give live demonstrations, facilitating international exchange. Also, injecting new ideas of the new age, CET invites younger generation to curate the large installation “Rock, Mist, Ocean,” which combines the image of pre-historic rock of Taiwan with experimental performances to exhibit the birth of art and origin of civilization, reflecting on how to extract the strengths of different ethnicities in this age of diversity in order to spark more exciting culture on the island. CET also organizes “368 Folk Grocery Store,” which displays and sells firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea from various towns and villages in Taiwan, showing visitors great seasonal tastes and flavors of Taiwan, and guiding them in discovering the relationship between us, the land, the environment, and other people. Furthermore, there are various satellite events and activities, including fringe shops, international trend forum, Cultural and Creative Award, cultural and creative salon, and creative market.

This main objective of this year’s CET is to deepen cultural roots; with a focus on shared local lifestyle, the exhibition aims to guide cultural and creative industry back to the essence of cultural contents, creating cultural economic power through cultural values. Only through culture nurtured by local soil, and knowledge of own culture, can we show the world Taiwan’s unique cultural and creative industry, and foster Taiwan’s strength to enter the global market. Through the curation of this exhibition, we look forward to invite all participants to trigger cultural reflections, as we strive for building CET into the one exhibition in Asia with the greatest “thinking power.”

2017 Creative Expo Taiwan runs for five days, and will close on April 23 (the exhibition opens only to professional buyers on the first two days, and free to the public on the last three). Everyone is welcome to visit the exhibition.