ABOUT 關於文博


The most thought-provoking expo in Asia

Creative Expo Taiwan (CET) was first organized in 2010, and after going through several transitions, CET has expanded the scale over the years to become the most important showcase and trade platform of domestic cultural and creative merchandise and image licensing. Also, the expo guides Taiwan’s cultural trends and development and inspires citizens to think about cultural issues through in-depth curatorial exhibition; by organizing both cultural curatorial exhibition and trade show, CET strives to drive economic growth with cultural values.


The CET 2022 is held in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan. Combining the latest urban development project, Asia New Bay Area, and national smart venues, CET presents two main sections—"Cultural Concepts” and “Brand Fair,” covering three major exhibitions of cultural curatorial exhibition, Cultural and Creative Brands, and IP Licensing. Facing the transition of market mechanism in the post-pandemic age, CET will enhance virtual-real integration and connection and expand its reach on virtual channels through 5G technology and application of new media technology, hoping to explore the global market through diverse channels and enhance circulation of merchandise. Through the new exhibition format that integrates virtual and real experiences, CET showcases Taiwan’s unique culture and styles of life aesthetics to further expand Taiwan’s cultural influences.