International Forum

2017CET-Cultural & Creative Trend Forum

From April 20th to 21st, professional speakers from Finland, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including master creative designers, trend observers, and creative industry elites, who have been invited to the 2017 Creative Expo Taiwan–Cultural and Creative Trend Forum will be sharing with audiences their profound knowledge on the creative management and trends of the Chinese-speaking creative industry.

An Excursion into Chinese Lifestyle Trends via Six Major Topics

At this year’s forum, we will be focusing on six major topics for exploring the lifestyle trends of the Chinese-speaking world. Day 1 of the forum will begin with a broad discussion on “cultural and creative industry trends” before the topic of “creative design” is introduced. Next, today’s popular culture of “experimental domain” will be explored to identify new possibilities outside of conventional spatial utilization in cultural and creative experimental domain. Case studies and management models from international regions will be studied, enabling the speakers and audience to collectively contemplate future possibilities. Day 2 of the forum will begin with a presentation on “lifestyles and crafts” before the hottest trending topics of “licensing economy” and “digital creative industry” are discussed, giving the audience full access to all the most popular trends of today. Each seminar will feature a small panel discussion, through which contemporary creative thinking and concepts will be introduced, thus allowing the audiences to more fully understand the latest design trends and development, the innovative thinking of Taiwan’s cultural and creative entrepreneurs, and the infinite possibilities of high-quality lifestyles in the Chinese-speaking world.

Forum Time

20-21 April 10:00 ~ 17:10


Huashan 1914 Creative Park Legacy


April 20th  Thursday/Agenda

Session Time Topic
Section #1: Cultural and Creative Industry Trends

Cultural creativity is embodied and inspires in a variety of forms, creating new trends and infinite possibilities

09:30-10:00 Guest admission
10:00-10:05 Opening Remark
10:05-10:45 Taiwan’s New Cultural Revolution: The Youth Generation, Independent Culture, and Local Innovation

Tieh-Chih Chang, cultural commentator and Deputy Secretary-general of The General Association of Chinese Culture,GACC

10:45-11:25 Plan a Generation, Develop a Culture

Yao-Pang Wang, director of InFormat Design Curating and curator of the 2017 Creative Expo Taiwan Themed Pavilion

11:25-12:00 Panel Discussion
Section #2: Creative Design

Explore the ways in which new generation designs are adapted, cross-over into different industries, and become incorporated into lifestyles and societies

13:00-13:40 The Styles, Brands, and Artistic Innovations of Thai Design

Tnop Wangsillapakun, Design director of TNOP Design, Thailand

13:40-14:20 Form Follows Story

Pili Wu, founder of Pili Wu-Design Studio

14:20-15:00 Panel Discussion
Section #3: Experimental Domain

New ways of playing with space, new changes in domains, new values to be experienced, and new possibilities in experimental domain

15:10-15:50 The Innovative Operations, Challenges, and Future Developments of Korjaamo Culture Factory (Helsinki)

Marianne Mäkelä, Chief Operating Officer of Korjaamo Culture Factory

15:50-16:30 Learning City: Making our culture sustainable

Ying-Chih Deng, associate professor of the Institute for Sustainable Planning and Urban Design, Technical University of Berlin, and senior consultant in European Union EIT Climate-KIC Program

16:30-17:10 Panel Discussion


April 21st  Friday/Agenda

Session Time Topic
Section #4: Lifestyles and Crafts

The value in transforming traditional crafts, enabling craftsmanship to become a spiritual culture both enduring and lifestyle-oriented

09:30-10:00 Guest admission
10:00-10:30 The Revitalization and Rebirth of Japanese Traditional Crafts:  the Tsubame Sanjo Factory Festival

Yu Yamada, Representative of method inc.

10:30-11:00 Re-evolution of Taiwan’s Traditional Craft Industry: the Sanchong Black Settlement

Gina Hsu, founder of DHH Studio and section curator of the 2017 Creative Expo Taiwan Themed Pavilion

11:00-12:00 Panel Discussion
Section #5: Licensing Economy

A discussion on the positioning and trends of Asia and Taiwan in the global market in terms of licensing economy and industry development, and how IP can be utilized to enhance brand value and customer reach

13:00-13:40 Business Strategies for Brand Licensing

Susan Huang, Managing director of Interasia Marketing (HK) Company Limited

13:40-14:20 The Positioning and Prospects of Taiwan in the Global Licensing Market

Wendy Chang, CEO of Impact Licensing Marketing Management Consulting Co.,Ltd.

14:20-15:00 Panel Discussion
Section #6: Digital Creative Industry

The integration of cultural creativity and business in the era of digital media, and the adding of values to products and culture for identify new possibilities in cultural creativity

15:10-15:50 AR Cultural Creative Designs and the Application Trends of New O2O Interactive Media

Jennifer Pai, CEO of ARPlanet Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

15:50-16:30 Digital Cultural Creativity through the Perspective of the Entertainment Industry

Adam Tsuei, chairman of Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality , and the film director of The Tenants Downstairs

16:30-17:10 Panel Discussion

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