2019 Creative EXPO Taiwan Talent 100 - Overseas Spotlighted Creators

2019 Creative EXPO Taiwan Talent 100 - Overseas Spotlighted Creators




In 2019, TDC will continue to set up the “Talent 100” area at the Expo Dome, and invite emerging creative talent to partake in the exhibition. The exhibition will publically recruit domestic and overseas creators with high potential. The “Talent 100” area will feature approximately 100 booths.



"Talent 100 Zone”of  Taipei Expo Dome


Applications will be accepted until January 18th (Friday), 2019.


100 creators in the licensing field (70 Domestic Creators and 30 Overseas Creators), including the following categories:

  • Characters
  • Illustrations
  • Comics
  • Digital multimedia creation
  • Patterns and other licensing related


The creators must meet the following conditions: 

Overseas Spotlighted Creators: The Organizer invites members from the media, associations and organizations to submit recommendation lists of qualified talent creators in the above-mentioned categories. The members will nominate 35 years old or younger international creators whose design ability and works have been recognized by major magazines to be of great potential and innovativeness. These creators must also demonstrate great influence in Chinese-speaking areas. The Organizers plan to invite 30 such talent.


 Online Application

Please visit our official website at to fill out the application form.





2019 CET - 「Talent 100」Overseas Spotlighted Creators Brochure(EN)