Creative Expo Taiwan 2018 Booth Application

Creative Expo Taiwan 2018 Booth Application

The Creative Expo Taiwan (CET) was held for the first time in 2010.The 2018 CET will be based on the theme of “Design Thinking/ Thinking Design “. It is hoped that the Expo will help guide Taiwan’s cultural trends and development, and inspire Taiwan’s citizens to think about cultural issues. The Expo also serves as a platform for communication and exchanges, and will boost the competitiveness of Taiwan’s creative industry in the worldwide market.

The 2018 CET will be implemented based on the concept of “design". There will be three primary exhibition halls: the “Cultural Concept / Hushan1914-Creative Park”, “Design & Craft / Songshan Culture and Creative Park” and “Licensing / Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome”. By strengthening the cultural value of displayed products and proposing relevant themes for exhibition, the Expo will interpret the views of new generations and cultural asthetics, which will in turn inspire further design and creative thinking.


Huashan1914 Creative Park (No.1, Sec. 1, Bade Rd., Taipei City)-Cultural Concept

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (No. 133, Guangfu S. Rd., Taipei City) – Design & Craft

Taipei Expo Park-Expo Dome (No.1, Yumen St., Taipei) – Licensing

Booth Application

Application Dates:
Early Bird: now until December 29 (Fri), 2017
Regular application: until January 18 (Thu), 2018

※ Notes:

Early Bird payment deadline: January 5 (Fri), 2018
Exhibitors failing to complete application and payment within the discount period no longer enjoy discounts on rentals.
The acceptance of late applicants will be at the discretion of the organizer.

Online application:
Please visit our official website at to fill out the application form.
The time of completion of the online application (the applicant will receive a confirmation once it is completed) will be considered as the time of application.
Required documents (upload via online application):
Business registration documents (certified copies with company stamp)
Business registration documents issued by pertinent authorities, or download search results from Company Registration Inquiry on the “Commerce Industrial Services Portal” (Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C Government) and submit in certified copies with company stamp.
In case of agents handling sales of foreign products, a copy of authorization 
documents or import certificate is needed.
2 to 5 photos of exhibits (between 1M and 5M, jpg 300dpi or higher, png with no logo and background removed is preferable)
Brand logo (between 1M and 5M,jpg 300dpi or higher, png with background removed is preferable)
Exhibitor’s affidavit

※ Notes:

At the discretion of the organizer, the exhibit photos and logos submitted by exhibitors may be used for promotional purposes.
Participating government agencies or organizations do not have to attach Item 1 and 2 above; please complete exhibitor information form.