Huashan 1914 Creative Park



Huashan 1914 Creative Park-Cultural Curating


Our body is a crucial channel for generating creativity. Thinking and exploring help to open up our senses and bring forth our innate creativity, thereby enabling us to see the uncommon elements in common things. The whole premises of Huashan 1914 Creative Park will serve as the site for this exposition, which features the main theme: Body Knowledge, and extends into the aspects of nature, vision, craftmanship, music, and fashion. As part of this exposition, Taiwan’s first museum focusing on high mountains will be set up to expand visitors’ thinking concerning nature and civilization, as well as body and creation. Visual language is key to communication for this generation. So, bodily perceptions are transformed into poster images that convey designers' creativity and imagination. As for craftmanship, the enchanting moments during the process of craft making lie in how the senses of the artists, such as vision, smell, hearing, and so on, come in contact with the creative process, as well as the artists' craftmanship and their waiting for the most touching moment when materials turn into works. Also, rap is commonly viewed as a musical genre that highly prizes freedom and breaks away from the orthodox; it is even more deeply associated with an intense sense of corporeality and a specific way of life. Therefore, the visitor routes are designed to highlight Taiwan's hip-hop culture and how it has become influential after being integrated with local cultures. Last but not least, fashion means more than trends in the catwalk shows; it can also be both culturally-packed and practical in daily life. See how a contemporary clothing brand in Taiwan and its ten designers endow novelty to ten different working suits.