Songshan Cultural and Creative Park-Craft & Design


The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park was formerly the site of a tobacco factory. Inside these buildings of history, the exhibition features "Design Brands" and invites design & craft brands from Taiwan and abroad to showcase the design thinking and creative energy of the new generation, which are visibly closer to everyday needs and uses. The exhibition is divided into six areas: "Daily Conversations", "Back to Life", "Design/Non-design", "Style & Trend", "Food & Share" and "Place of Origin." There are also two main exhibition themes. In "Life Lab," accessories and tableware are examined from the perspectives of style, design, material, user behavior, and natural environment, to evaluate their position in people's life. "Crowdfunding Go" showcases the necessity of shifting from virtual platforms to actual distribution to make crowdfunding more relevant to people's life.  Sixteen crowdfunding platforms from Taiwan and Japan are invited for a display of the latest creativity in design.