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Body / Culture / Creativity|Our body is a catalyst to stimulate originality and create generation change.


The birth of universal exposition has been closely related to the birth of cities since the rise of the industrial revolution. The society has a strong need to construct or share collective awareness. A forward-thinking Creative Expo is no longer confined to transactions of cultural and creative goods. It is now challenging the worldview that we are so used to.  The 2018 Creative Expo opens up a new Cultural Concept Exhibition Hall where our theme goes from “How design improves our lives” to “How we can design and create with cultural thinking.” The exhibition starts from the self-consciousness of our body, then to the basic human senses to find the clues to creativity. Through various exhibition topics, we discuss how proprioception, an innate feeling, can redefine our understanding about originality, aesthetics and culture.

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Process: Sense Making


Culture is the strategy, action, practice, and manifesto for people to face the social environment and reality. In 2017 Creative Expo Taiwan, the curatorial team does not take the design, industry and craft goods as a showcase of cultural symbol; instead, the team uses issues as a main concept through the conversation between different sectors to propose the different imagination of cultural path of the spectrum of “Wonderful Life.”The discussion of contemporary culture in Taiwan across the generations is the multifaceted context of the exhibition – the fruit of the curatorial process. As the curatorial concept this year “CULTURAL EXPLOSION,” it represents the energy of younger generation, the desire of change and creation, sense of life, the multidisciplinary collaboration, different interfaces and mediums, and different paths and strategies that is the energy to stimulate the fireworks of culture, industry and design.

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World Class Style From The Huaren World


2016 CET showcases the global of localization with its theme” Savoring the Rich Culture,” and presents new interpretations of Huaren lifestyle, giving rise to renaissance of crafts, art, culture, and creativity. We can see that the wonderful time is now, an era where small happiness sublimates into great joys. Chinese culture becomes the world’s new center, and has actively sought the right to speak. Through trendsetting product and styles that showcase free creativity, a unique Taiwan is presented to the world.

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The Window Display of Exquisite Lifestyle


The concept of Creative Expo Taiwan implies the temporal and spatial values of a free and openness in Taiwan where it is suitable for creations with an immeasurable multi-cultural virtue, as well as the key to expand industries deeper and wider, is the indispensable strength of Taiwan. It is a prolific piece of culture and creation with new hopes. With Quality & Identity, Creative Expo Taiwan points out the brand qualia and composition. As a point of departure from the contemporary classics, it elegantly begins with eastern principles and a western methodology throughout, experiencing economics through sensory means, noticing the necessity of cultural roots of Taiwan and believing one with all creativity will stimulate a higher industrial value and economic transformation.