To enhance the energy of Taiwan’s cultural and creativity industry, honor outstanding creative talents, and encourage enterprises to value the importance of R&D in innovation, the Ministry of Culture has organized the “Cultural and Creativity Award” since 2010. The award encourages innovation of Taiwanese industries through the competition in order to build the foundation for quality life in Taiwan, and strives to become the highest honor in Taiwan’s cultural and creative industry.

This year marks the Seventh Cultural and Creative Award, and evaluation will target products (works) by exhibitors of “2017 Creative Expo Taiwan.” An international jury will review all exhibits onsite at the exhibition, so that Cultural and Creative Award can differentiate itself from other prestige design awards in Taiwan that have longer histories, and serve as the annual index for domestic and foreign expert buyers and participating citizens when purchasing cultural and creative products. Through the organization and recognition of the award, the Ministry aims to continue encouraging cultural and creative enterprises that focus on innovations and building of business models, and propel the development of cultural and creative industry in Taiwan.

Awards and Quota

  • Cultural and Creative Spirit Award: 30 winners.
  • Trendsetting Special Award: 5 winners selected from the 30 Cultural and Creative Spirit Award recipients above.

Application Deadline

The deadline is February 25, 2017.


  • Application open to all products (works) by exhibitors of the 2017 Creative Expo Taiwan; applied items must be products (works) launched with in past three years (after April 2014). Previous winners of the Cultural and Creative Spirit Award may not apply again.
  • Any exhibitor can submit a maximum of 2 products (works); for group exhibitors, each participating company may submit 2 additional products (works).

Application Method

Online application only ( When filling in the exhibitor information, applying exhibitors may attach product (work) explanations in both Chinese and English and pictures of the products (works) to enter the competition.

Review and Selection

Review and selection for Cultural and Creative Award will be carried out in two phases, where domestic and overseas professionals and experts of media, industry, procurement, trend study, and cultural and creative industry will be invited to form an interdisciplinary jury.

  • Preliminary Review: the jury conducts Preliminary Review on all submitted documents, including product explanations and pictures, and selects sixty finalists.
  • Onsite Review: all finalists shall display the products at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park – Creative Theatre on April 18, 2017 (the day before the opening of Creative EXPO Taiwan). The jury will conduct onsite review and select 30 winners of the Cultural and Creative Spirit Award, as well as 5 winners of the Trendsetting Special Award from the aforementioned 30 winners.
  • Public Announcement of Winners: all winners will be announced at the 2017 Cultural and Creative Award Ceremony.
  • Criteria
Item Content Weight
Cultural Aspect Utilization of cultural elements, effects on lifestyle 35%
Innovativeness Originality, use of materials, aesthetics, practicality 35%
Marketability Topicality, market potential 30%


Award Prize 2018 CET 20172017 Golden Pin Media Exposure

Trendsetting Special Award
(5 Winners)

Plaque Priority to CET and 2 booth spaces Included in the finalists of Golden Pin Design Award free of application free Winners’ booths will be labeled. Announcement made on official website and FB of CET. Winners’ information will be released for media coverage.
Cultural and Creative Spirit Award
(25 Winners)
Certificate Priority to CET and a booth space


Organizer:Ministry of Culture
Executive Organizer:Taiwan Design Center



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