2018 CET


2018 Creative Expo Taiwan : Body Knowledge

Body / Culture / CreativityOur body is a catalyst to stimulate originality and create generation change.



The birth of universal exposition has been closely related to the birth of cities since the rise of the industrial revolution. The society has a strong need to construct or share collective awareness. A forward-thinking Creative Expo is no longer confined to transactions of cultural and creative goods. It is now challenging the worldview that we are so used to. 

The 2018 Creative Expo opens up a new Cultural Concept Exhibition Hall where our theme goes from “How design improves our lives” to “How we can design and create with cultural thinking.”

The exhibition starts from the self-consciousness of our body, then to the basic human senses to find the clues to creativity. Through various exhibition topics, we discuss how proprioception, an innate feeling, can redefine our understanding about originality, aesthetics and culture.




Body KnowledgeMain Visual Design

Blocks of bright colors jump out from the grey mesh background, and the vocabulary displays a slight imbalance of conflicts. There is no figure intuitively identifiable, which is the approach of the main visual design of this years theme, body knowledge, that creates powerful tension of impression when fixated on; it embraces more diverse concepts and imaginations, which is the intent, as well as the direction. The three symbols and the rhythmic movements of the colors form a vessel that contains the contents of cet. The freely curved cultural concept/huashan 1914 park, simplistic and clean outline of the design & craft/songshan cultural and creative park, and the extended lines of the licensing/taipei expo park-expo dome, indicate that the venues are no longer just identified by colors; with the forms built on top of the contents, each venue is given the possibility of future expansion and development through the process of visual simulation.  


Curator of Huashan Cultural Concept Hall|Pang Wang

Wang is the Director of InFormat Design Curating and a Lecturer at the Department of Art and Design at Yuan Ze University. Graduated from the master’s program of Art, Space and Nature at Edinburgh College of Art, Wang is now committed to curating and design with a focus on culture.


【Theme 1】
Body / Nature / Creativity|Rethink Mountains and Civilization

Taiwan boasts more than 275 mountains rising 3,000 meters above sea level with the highest density of mountains in the world. However, most people are not familiar with Taiwan’s mountains and nature. Thus, we provide a platform for people to contemplate the beauty of nature. The 2018 Huashan Cultural Concept Exhibition Hall will soon see Taiwan’s first high-mountain museum for people to rethink mountains and civilization, body and creation.


Co-curator|Wei-Hsiung Chan

Chan was born in 1961 in Fengyuan District, Taichung city. Chan was graduated from the Department of Library and Information Science and the Graduate Institute of Journalism at National Taiwan University. He is the founder of many popular publications such as Business Next Magazine, Soul, Gigs and Shortfiction Magazine. Chan is now committed to cultural sociology research.


ExhibitorsJesy Chiang, Vic Li, Shipher Wu, Min-Jia Chen, Knox Yang, Shu-Ling Lai, Towa Tai



【Theme 2】Body / Vision / Creativity|Design Visuals with Our Body

Visual language is essential to the communication of our generation. The exhibition is full of visuals composed of words and images where designers convey “body feelings” in their posters. The exhibition invites graphic designers, photographers and artists to design visuals connected with their body experiences that correspond to this year’s theme, Body Knowledge, and convey the importance of creativity to the society.


Co-curator|Joe Fang

Fang is the Director of JOEFANG STUDIO, also a graphic designer and a curator. Joe believes that a designer listens before he creates, and that design comes from real memories, which serve as a reminder that we ought to cherish those valuable to us.


Exhibitors3cm, Jay Guan-Jie Peng, Sydney Sie, Tim Wu, Zen Yun Zon, Jyunc-cih Li, Kim Chen, Andrew Wong, Godkidlla



【Theme 3】Body / Craft / CreativityPatience is Fundamental to Everything, and Dedication is The Pathway to Eternity

Crafts are an art practiced physically in person. The process of making handicrafts involves three elements: the artisan, the skills, and the materials. The three elements require time to come together. We must wait patiently for the three elements to develop until they meet and come to the most beautiful fruition. This exhibition explores the relation of time to crafts from the perspective of "time," and thus encourages viewers to reflect on what time means to them.


Co-curatorGina Hsu

DHH ( Dong Hai Hospital) Design Studio - Design Director


OrganizerNational Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute,

Executive OrganizerHU+DHHs Design studio, Exhibitors|Niko Leung, Dimitry Hlinka, Fenko, Nest, Toast, JIA, Lo Lat furniture & objects, Alibamboo, Spring Pool Glass, Mori/CASA, Kaikado, kanaami-tsuji, Weii jewel, ZAN DESIGN, Greenroom Ideas Cooperation, ZISHI, Shiang design studio, HAO life, RISK, Sine. Steel Tongue Drum, Architchen, Wood & Lacquer, REnato lab, Autuma Rains 11, Loto Art Workshop, Woody icon,

Cooperative  PartnerµHandy



【Theme 4】Body / Society / CreativityHip Hop Power

Rap is a music genre that advocates freedom, challenges system and breaks stereotypes. Young people of different generations have been using rap songs to express or criticize the good and bad of the society. The exhibition employs videos, visuals and sounds to convey the speed and passion of rap music, and the key reason for the hip hop fans to become rappers.


Chief Coordinator|Dela Chang

Chang is the founder of a Taiwanese hip hop label, KAO!INC, he studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at TamKang University. KAO!INC is aimed for becoming the best hip hop label in Mandarin music field. Artists signed under the label include Soft Lipa, GorDoN, YINGHUNG aka DJ didilong, Yeemao and Leo Wang.



Executive OrganizerInFormat Design Curating Publication|Searchlight Culture Lab

ExhibitorsTrue Color Co. Ltd., Ainoko Entertainmet, Kung-Fu Entertainment

*This project is subsidized by Bureau Of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development in project itinerary of 2017 Pop Music Industry Promotion Ordinance


【Theme 5】Body / Fashion / Creativity|Fashion Inspired by Pop Culture

Fashion does not only exist on the runway but also on a daily basis to showcase our culture. Simply looking at those independent fashion designers in Taiwan, one will be amazed to see how they combine contemporary aesthetics with tailoring and clothing functions to further define who we are and what we do. There is so much to explore after breaking stereotypes.


Co-curator|Hans Chyi

Chyi is the co-founder of the clothing brand, wisdom. Graduated from the Department of Fashion Design at Shih Chien University, Chyi has been devoted to fashion field for many years. He also participated in the design of staff clothing for Taipei 2017 Universiade. Wisdom apparel presents simple and clear-cut styles with an emphasis on finely crafted lines integrated into an outdoor look to manifest the brand's "Urban Outdoor" spirit.


Exhibitorschiehms, Envol Avec Ning, fu yue, if&n, JUST IN XX, oqLiq, OVKLAB, PRAXES, SHAO YEN, wisdom


【Theme 6】Top Taiwan Table - Body Lifting by Food and Books

Taiwan boasts excellent food artisans in a variety of cuisines ranging from bread, chocolate, coffee to cocktails. Working with unremitting effort and concentration, they have not only deeply influenced and impacted the general public’s requirements for food texture, but also enriched Taiwan people’s experiences with food and eating.

Specialty bookstores in Taiwan have distinctive and liberating characteristics that shape the unique character of Taiwan’s culture. “Top Taiwan Table” gathers together outstanding contemporary food brands and niche writers in Taiwan, adopting their perspectives to more richly interpret and comprehend food, artifacts, and the reading culture.


Installtion | Visual Structuring Workshop, Frank Huang

Event CoordinatorShu-Chun Lai


【Theme7】Body Gazing - A Selection of Filmsod and Books

Vision is a powerful source of the body's perception and sensation, through which images are created as an introspective and distinctive language of communication. Three documentaries from Taiwan and abroad are selected based on the theme of "body gazing." Woven into the narrative and time, they capture the vicissitudes of reality and construct the representations of the individual gaze.

Each of the post-screening talks will cover topics encompassing culture, art, and trans-generational design, hosted by film professionals and designers. Through these cross-disciplinary talks, the power of images as expressed in these documentaries : seeing and being seen, filming and being filmed, gazing and being gazed upon, will be explored and felt.


Cooperative PartnerSPOT-Huashan