The Creative section – “Ideal Adventure,” brings together cultural and creative brands from Taiwan to showcase classic taste, a trendy selection of products, and local originality, introducing a customized attitude towards life.






Hopefully by re-designing the world in equitable and sustainable ways, we can re-visit and re-think the symbiotic relationship between humans and the environment. The “NEXT”
area centers around the theme of “Sustainable Future.” It displays emerging decoration,
furniture, and daily supplies design brands featuring sustainable design concepts,
capabilities, and service experiences.

Brands|夏樹沐石、Float Living、遞嬗設計工作室、本質創作室、這地工作室、忙手指、MOMORE、Hibāng 友漁循環眼鏡、玩 艸 植 造、宜我家居用品設計有限公司






Due to Covid-19 outbreaks, people now spend significantly more time at home and begin to value the quality of home environments and physical/mental comfort. The “ALIVE” area features “home comfort” and is for the display of emerging design brands focusing on plant or pet products that are pleasant to look at and practical.

Brands|默默、初泥 true nii、土口、cling植琢、光之間股份有限公司、BeHoomie、肯佩有限公司、阜林貿易股份有限公司、團圓國際股份有限公司、小宅生活

Formosa Select Shop


The theme curatorial area "Formosa select
shop" that connect with the adventure of
creators and build a solid dream on the path
of culture.


Ports connect us to the world, boosting trade
as well as travels and adventures. Travelers
filled their trunks with the latest photography
equipment and imported products, while
packing away local specialties and stories. Travel involves exploration and adventure.
Citing their travel experiences and presenting their different cultures and creativity
interactively, the creators unveil the landscapes and secrets of diversity.



Assistant Professor at the Department of Animation and Game Design, Shu-Te University.
Yin Li

A college faculty member, designer, and curator, Yin has experiences in art exhibition planning, new media artistic creation, and cross-disciplinary interactive exhibition coordination. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Animation and Game Design, Shu-Te University.

Creative director of 72style Design Studio.

Hung Min-Hung

A Nantou native in love with Kaohsiung, Hung specializes in mortise-and-tenon cardboard toy creation and illustration. He designed “Hamasenbear” and is committed to promoting Kaohsiung culture through illustration and cardboard toys. Hung is creative director of 72style Design Studio.