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|The Licensing section – “Super IPs|




LINE Stickers Partnership X Talent 100

To support outstanding creators at Talent 100, LINE will invite the 100 emerging brands and creators in Taiwan and abroad to design and release their own stickers, themes, and emojis. Through recommendations at LINE’s sticker shop, the Talent 100 emerging brands’ works will gain more visibility.



RhinoShield X CET : Co-branding Products



The 2022 CET invites celebrated phone case brand RhinoShield and Taiwan’s popular designers for a three-way collaboration. With RhinoShield’s value of “protect technology, the planet, and individuality,” assorted limited co-branding products, including 18 phone and AirPods cases, will be launched on RhinoShield’s website on July 20.




GOXR Metaverse Creator Project

The 2022 CET and metaverse trailblazer XRSPACE’s GOXR
platform collaborate on the “GOXR Metaverse Creator Project,” allowing this year's "Talent 100" and IP licensing brands to set up a multiverse experiential space. Participants can create their own metaverse within 30 minutes!



Formosa Select Shop


The theme curatorial area "Formosa select
shop" that connect with the adventure of
creators and build a solid dream on the path
of culture.


Ports connect us to the world, boosting trade
as well as travels and adventures. Travelers
filled their trunks with the latest photography
equipment and imported products, while
packing away local specialties and stories. Travel involves exploration and adventure.
Citing their travel experiences and presenting their different cultures and creativity
interactively, the creators unveil the landscapes and secrets of diversity.



Assistant Professor at the Department of Animation and Game Design, Shu-Te University.

Yin Li

A college faculty member, designer, and curator, Yin has experiences in art exhibition planning, new media artistic creation, and cross-disciplinary interactive exhibition coordination. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Animation and Game Design, Shu-Te University.

Creative director of 72style Design Studio.

Hung Min-Hung

A Nantou native in love with Kaohsiung, Hung specializes in mortise-and-tenon cardboard toy creation and illustration. He designed “Hamasenbear” and is committed to promoting Kaohsiung culture through illustration and cardboard toys. Hung is creative director of 72style Design Studio.