Creative Expo Taiwan is a triple-venue exposition held concurrently in Huashan1914 Creative Park, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and the Expo Dome, Taipei Expo Park. Boasting fully integrated contents, the Expo facilitates the vertical upgrade of industries and the horizontal expansion of markets. By converging resources from across the industry chain, including space, talents, marketplace, brands and service, etc., and aligning external vendors, associated exhibitions, forums and Plenty Market, the Expo, with its all-embracing nature, ramifies into every corner of the host city. Take a stroll on the streets of Taipei, and you will experience Chinese exquisite lifestyle.

An L-shape cultural and creative corridor is formed along the lines of Taipei Metro linked by the three main venues, Huashan, Songshan and the Expo Dome, stringing the neighboring cultural living circles. The Expo will partner with all kinds of events organized by vendors to give buyers, media and the public a better experience of the Taiwanese life style, conveying the core meanings of culture and creativity, showcasing a tasteful life style in all aspects of living and driving new trends for the cultural and creative industry in the Chinese community.

This year, 1914 Creative Park will focus on “Craftsmanship" and “Brand of Origin" by showcasing a wide variety of mediums such as fabrics, metalwork, glasses, and ceramics to celebrate the exquisite techniques of the craftsmanship. Meanwhile, the exhibition will present a special group show for young Taiwanese craftsmen who are invited for “LIFE!Craft & Art" to demonstrate their skills on-site for different layers and flavor of the exhibition.



In Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, there will be a new section entitled “Technology and Living", a showcase of technology and design, highlighting the technology value-added advantage of creative industries in Taiwan. Last year’s
Tokyo International Gift Show will expand it’s scale for showing more goods. The “Next" section will be presented at Golden Pin Design area of Taiwan Design Museum. The new venue will give the “Next" a better appealing outlook, and help
the young designers stand out.



2017 Creative Expo Taiwan’s Expo Dome –"Taipei Expo Park – Licensing" will present the “Character", “Art, Design, Image", “Brand Agency", “Technology Application", “Talent 100″ and other areas. This is the biggest event that can not be missed if in the licensing industry in Taiwan. This year will present for the first time, the example of “Business Licensing Model", featuring the well-known case studies of licensing the images for commercial purpose. Let’s look forward to it.
In “TALENT 100," there will show not only emerging creators from Taiwan, but also from South East Asian countries. In the area of “Character", there will be a Hong Kong Pavilion showing the best of Hong Kong’s creativity. The newly formed “Taiwan Character Brand Licensing Association" will showcase several well-known original characters from Taiwan. It is going to be fabulous this year.



In early days, due to the necessities of life, designers make use of the natural materials that are easily accessible plus their technical thoughts and the function consideration to create all sorts of daily supplies.

With the consumers getting tired of the industrialized mass production and yearning for returning to the nature, Creative Expo Taiwan 2017 proposed the exhibition area “LIFE! Craft & Art”, gathering the glamorous new craft brands in Taiwan to lead you to see the freedom and openness on the materials as well as the focus of the techniques in the production process of every brand and to feel the affection and personality contained in every creation in the hope to restore the position of craft in life.

LIFE! Craft & Art is located at 1914 Creative Park, H1 Craft Now


This year’s “Talent 100″ exhibition will continually be held in the Expo Dome, which will invite participants from Taiwan and oversea to participate in the exhibition, including illustrators, cartoonists, animators, printing designers, game creators, and figurine creators. The talents will have to be recommended by media, social networking platforms, public associations , and international representatives inTaiwan. The invited creators will be selected 70 Taiwanese potential creators and 30 highlight foreign creators from Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Macao, HongKong, Japan, Korea, Slovak, Belgium, Russia…etc. All the Talent100 will be one of the highlights in this exhibition.

The “NEXT” area in Songshan exhibition area is collaborated by Creative EXPO Taiwan and Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs; they selected many domestic high quality design brands in “Taiwan Design Industry Hovering Project” to participate in the joint exhibition. Through the internationalized platform of Creative Expo Taiwan, they would like to foster the new generation in the cultural and creative industries in Taiwan to sell to the whole world! This year the exclusive area combines the transboundary application of aesthetics, technology and natural materials, giving the daily necessities that people are used to a new image and creating design works that overturn our imagination. This trend reflects the desire and ambition that the new design generation in Taiwan wants to penetrate the design ideas into every corner in our life, leading people look straight at the design. The design is no longer an accessory in our life but a necessity.

Next is located at Songshan culture & creative Park, S7 Next Area.