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Established in 2003, for 15 years Xhabition has been creating high quality 2D & 3D animation and character design for both Thai and international studios. Xhabition provides design solutions for a wide variety of mediums that frequently overlap. We specializes in character design, product design, 2D & 2D animations, digital content creation, and online marketing.We are committed to quality and excellence in all its endeavours. Our team have a diverse background in character design/animations. Working with the international companies for major entertainment clients Such as CBS, FOX and Lifetime TV.

Rudolph the Awesome Pillow

尺寸:Dimension: W 75 cm x H 41 cm (spread) / W 75 cm x H 23 cm (fold)

材質:Made from 100% Premium Natural Latex

Sleep is AWESOME with Rudolph the Awesome Pillow. Good night.. sleep tight.. don't let the bed bugs bite. If they do, take your shoe & knock then til they're BLACK & BLUE! Take home one today :)

Rudolph the Awesome 'Fart Loading' Mouse Pad

尺寸:Dimension: W 32 cm x H 24 cm

材質:Pro Grade Tracking Surface

Work hard and play even harder with Rudolph the Awesome 'Fart Loading' Mouse Pad!