Ning Chen the creator of Uniman! Is an independent artist, who is a Chef that is currently doing Research & development for a successful ice-cream company in Singapore. As an avid illustrator, she spends her free time, during lunch and after work drawing and as a full time Chef, her drawings aims to breathe life into the different kind of food that she encounters in her day job. She believes that illustrating is not about just drawing pretty things, but the best kind of illustrations are those that brings the viewer a lots of humour & most importantly happiness!

Aiyoh backache!

尺寸:Digital Print

材質:Heavy weight textured paper

Uniman! takes a trip to the doctor, for a backache due to his fat belly. Featuring Ginseng Sinseh! A 1000 year old root doctor with magical hands to heal all illness and ailments!

Yakuza Banana!

尺寸:Digital Print

材質:Print on heavyweight textured paper

Hand drawn and coloured digitally. Featuring Uniman! night time adventure when he bumps into his most feared enemy YAKUZA BANANA! He cowers in fear as he retreats into a corner