Cloud Colour Games




Cloud Colour is a game studio. Yet, it is more. It is how dreams are nurtured and grown. It is how passion and creativity are combined with discipline, on a journey to master each craft. It is how hopes and dreams resonate with visions and determinations to strive for success and to be the best version of ourselves. It is that vision in the cloud that drives our ambition and devotion, to reach and to elevate how we and everyone around us make games. The sky's the limit, reach for it. Unlock your ultimate potential.


尺寸:A game about chilling and enjoying good time with cats.


Escape to the world of cats! Imagine your backyard is full of cats. Play on cat collecting adventure and searching all treasures in LINE Cats to unlock special features, such as album theme, background theme, and more. Share your good time in Facebook timeline through your cat’s photo. You can play LINE Cats anytime, anywhere, even when not connected to the internet. Best of all, the world’s most relaxing game is free to play!

Crazy Farm Wars

尺寸:Crazy Farm War runs on Android and iOS


Crazy Farm War is a crazy shooting game. We are sheep, and chickens are coming to take our fur. Because our fur is so nice and warm and very fashionable, so don’t let them take it from you. You are protecting your barn, which is the fur storage. Tap on chickens who try to lay their finger on it. But they are not that piece of cake. Build some