THAS produces products with fine molding techniques we have discovered on cork materials, which gives our product aesthetic not only from the design, but also cork’s unique textures. Our molding technique is awarded with a certificate by Material ConneXion under the Process and Natural field. In addition to this, we have also discovered techniques relating to molding, bending and preventing cork from losing its original form. We also produce cork products using over 8 natural colors found in plants.


尺寸:to keep a shape form


Memories and impressions of Karahafu structural identity uniqueness, The Japanese traditional architecture, such as the wooden beams entrance, the gable roof of the temple, shrines, and palaces. The identity of those structures were inspired and adapted to the product. We designed and applied the bending technique and maintaining the shape of the Cork wood in order to make this lamp product close to Karahafu design.

One Time After Meal[OTAM]

尺寸:pattern is resistant to scratches

材質:cork and megnet

Coasters cork using a pattern that is resistant to scratches, but also the properties of cork in its entirety. This makes cork still absorb water faster without worrying about mold or wood to swell. Can withstand temperatures of hot and cold containers.