PARA : Your New Eco-Experience! "I didn't design a product, but life cycle" is the first idea from Orakarn Sayatanan, the founder and designer of PARA that have a vision to value resources available in Thailand and aims to offer product in an environmentally friendly way under simply innovative design. In oder to do so, I think about all material inputs and energy use of a product during its whole life cycle. PARA is the brand that works with environmentally- responsible components and fully recyclable packaging.




TREE-IN-ONE is made of 100% natural rubber. The design concept then encourages consumers to reuse glass bottles in form of drinking storage with innovative functions. It allows you to contain a variety of beverages with "a vacuum stopper", and fill and pour any homemade juices easily as "a smart funnel" and "a perfect pourer". It also comes with reusable packaging as it receives a second life through paper coasters. The packaging is made from the unbleached kraft paper without glue. To reduce the space required to ship, it is designed with a modular system.


尺寸:Natural Table mat and coaster

材質:Latex ( 100% Natural rubber )

Experimental design is the key of the beginning point of table mat and rubber coaster. I use the property of natural rubber form the product with verity of colors express table mats and coaster in fantastic feel. I used a technique of the latex pouring to separate color layers. When the latex is dried, the color will be set with different feel as inspired from Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter moods. All palettes add your table alive and dynamic feel. The colors of front and back of each mats would be inverted by the layer of latex.