Stories of Silver & Silk




Stories of Silver Silk works exclusively with small local hill tribe silver craftsmen from rural areas throughout Northern Thailand. In order to preserve the ancestral knowledge and know-how, we explore the Thai ways of life, environment and many of the traditional crafts that abound in Thai cultural heritage. Our unique handmade silver jewelry is a contemporary reflection of traditional forms.

Charcoal necklace

尺寸:Necklace for men

材質:Pure silver and leather

Inspired by the burning charcoal. This necklace composes of silver pendent on the leather string. The process of making the pendent is by burning the bamboo branch and then pure melted silver onto the bamboo piece creating a unique and interesting pendent similar to the texture of crocodile leather.

Hoop earrings

尺寸:Intertwine silver loops earring

材質:95% pure Silver

This handmade silver earring is one of the design piece in the "hoop" collection. It is handmade with 95% pure matte silver. The inspiration is from the connection from the childhood. The rubber bands were braided together to form a rope where children would use as a jumping robe. This modern piece of jewelry brings back the memory of the childhood.