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A new possibilities of Macramé

The intention of founding Busy Fingers back in 2018 was to add an exotic Bohemian vibe to contemporary Taiwanese homes.  At that time, Japanese, Nordic or IKEA are the mainstream home decor styles in Taiwanese homes. However, the Bohemian and Modern Country styles attracted me the most among the trends around the world, and I realised that Macramé weave works were seen in many home designs. Busy Fingers was then founded to bring more imagination to home decor styling. At the beginning of the business, some customers couldn’t get their heads around Macramé wall decor accessories, and some were thrilled to see them. Three years in, there are countless Macramé weave brands across Taiwan already.  In the second year of my Busy Fingers business, I developed exotic fashion accessories different from Japanese or Korean styles, in order to add a diverse and playful look to customers’ outfits.