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知沐二三色的手作數位時尚 標題(英文) Zhimou (Dos y Tres) - Hand-made works and modern digital technology

In the class of Zhimou, people enjoy elegant achievements and happiness like spring breeze through the introduction of hand-made learning. At the same time, Zhimou actively walks out of his own style in traditional natural dyeing and creates more possibilities for life and fashion. When Zhimou was deeply involved in natural dyeing techniques and designs, Zhimou also realized that the time- consuming designs deserved to be widely applied to commercial use. Therefore, Zhimou devoted himself to the cooperation of hand-made and environmentally friendly digital printing and found the brand "Dos y Tres". In Chinese “Dos”means double and “Tres” means many. The brand "Dos y Tres" is just the implicit explanation that through a pair of hands men can create rich and diverse colors. The cooperation of the traditional hand-made works and modern digital technology creates outstandings with cultural rhythm.