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La Perla|Leading Brand of glassware in the world

La Perla was established in 2006. "Perla" was originated from Spanish called Pearl. In Eastern, Pearl symbolizes smooth and happiness, however, Pearl represents pure-hearted, peaceful and ideal in Western. Owning uniquely elegant appearances and mysterious fantasy in the smooth gloss. This natural is visual and texture. According to the founder desires to express the same qualities of pearl and glass, the symbol of the shining are flexible and irregular but pursuing perfection. The foil is manufactured by a certain ratio of copper. In the process of influence of time and environment, the golden foil with warm color presents the craftsmanship. Further, the natural diversification of the color also demonstrates the gorgeous and mixed metal texture. Any unique ''Perlas'' are made by the sincerity and filling with the precious wishes. Therefore, La Perla hope you can feel the warmth and genuineness when you receive the La Perla's artworks.