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Coexisting with red soil,showing Taiwan Chin-Wang Chen won two European awards

With the red clay of Taichung Taichung Mountain, Yaogu, which has won two awards from the International Ceramics Biennale in Europe, emphasizes that artistic creation cannot be without culture. The culture of Yaogu comes from the indigenous red clay, which turns pottery into iron and responds to the green craftsmanship of the Ministry of Culture. Healing Engineering. There are two main themes of the kiln and valley exhibition. One is the theme of industrial style. The pottery is fired into iron-like rust spots by using the characteristics of laterite and high-speed iron. The pot cherishes blessings, and achieves the cognition of symbiosis of the same body. Another theme "Rhino Prosperity", because Dadu Mountain is hit by the northeast monsoon and wildfires are raging, I can't help thinking of the rhino, known as a forest firefighter. Whenever he sees a fire, he will stamp it out. Its heroic and honest, but due to the environment Changes, human hunted and endangered species, hope rhinoceros prosperous, many children and grandchildren, into the brand story.