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Taiwan Industry-leading paper art design company will attend the 2022 Kaohsiung Creative Expo Taiwan

Half-Goatee Pop-Up Book Lab., a paper engineering and art design company, insists on design in Taiwan and turns traditional paper art into a brand. From front-end design to manufacturing process, the entire production is controlled by data and quality management, which ensures detailed manufacturing process of design and delivers excellent quality works, and therefore makes Half-Goatee Pop-Up Book Lab become the industry leading of paper engineering and art design in Taiwan. They often produce extremely exquisite paper crafts, publish very unique Taiwan's own pop-up books, and even acquire orders from major exhibition halls such as the National Palace Museum and the Taiwan Museum. During 10th -14th Aug 2022, at Booth No. C2-50 in Kaohsiung Creative Expo Taiwan, Half-Goatee Pop-Up Book Lab. will display the pop-up book "What a Wonderful Day" that won the Silver Award at the 2021 Taiwan Printing Award, and present the new published pop-up book "The Magical World of Desserts (A Pop-up Book)," cooperated with the senior children's literature writer and translator, Liu Ching-yen, and Viking Ltd. While reading "The Magical World of Desserts (A Pop-up Book)," you can enjoy the fascinating story with vivid illustrations and delicate paper art, as well as learn how to make six classic famous desserts, which makes this book worth reading and collection.