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Not just furniture, but also sculpture!

A novel brand of creative designs developed from Taiwan, TOMOOD, bringing wonders of creativity into life. And we believe any pieces of furniture of high quality can also be affordable, durable and sleek. The new design concept of the Arch Collection is based on the use of modern lines and round arches, with interlaced wood grains establishing a serene and elegant shimmering. The simple metallic trunk strengthens the overall structure and durability. In addition to the design features of the Corner series: simplicity, elegance, light weight, the smooth curve lines also render the warmth of home atmosphere. TOMOOD is dedicated to establishing hand-made furniture of excellent quality, only with the finest natural lumber, conveying warmth through the selected trees locally cultivated in the mountains of Taiwan, with particular growth rings only visible on Taiwanese trees. All furniture designed by TOMOOD emphasizes serenity, simplicity and a rustic charm, manufactured only in Taiwan.