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Dapili's goal is to connect the IP co-branding market in Taiwan

Dapili International Marketing Co., Ltd. represents one of Taiwan's most well-known intellectual properties with decades of experience in franchise management and marketing. Our marketing operations include wide-reaching licensing, development of merchandise lines, online and offline stores, extensive promotion through exhibitions and events, and strategic crossover collaborations with key players in markets local and abroad. Through our endeavors we have successfully established the Pili Puppetry series as an iconic Taiwanese presence across the globe. In the last few years, Dapili has vigorously applied our practical expertise to effectively expand our licensing landscape and collaborated with a number of outstanding franchises. Our goal is to reach out to all the brands in the Taiwanese market and connect manufacturers and creators in a symbiotic network that will benefit all businesses. At Creative Expo Taiwan, we hope to join like-minded compatriots and build a market rich in opportunities and successes together!