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The convenient design of iO tumbler making our beautiful life!

The design of "iO tumber" comes from Jean & Paul, the founder of "iO Felicity" who loves to travel. It is a multi-functional tumbler that brings convenience to travel. The structure of the tumbler is disassembled into a lid, a body and a bottom cup, and the fully-covered lid is hygienic, lifting rope, and Hidden straw. The cup body can expand the capacity, and the cup body can be rotated through the thread to combine the required size, which is convenient and easy to carry. The bottom cup has storage and can also be used as a food jar. Each component can be freely combined, and the tumbler can also be fun. Founder Jean said that the original intention of the brand was the concept of "suitable for you and me", so that users would like to use it sincerely and feel that "this is mine" and use it often, so as to reduce waste. Incorporating environmental protection, cultural creativity, hand-made and fun. A simple tumbler, making it play to the fullest.