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Super Double - Award winning backpack design team

Super Double is an award winning design team specialized in backpack design. The original Super Double backpack won the Red Dot, iF and Golden Pin award. Its innovative design and features lead to several successful crowdfunding campaigns with over $1million USD total fund raised and more than 10,000 backers worldwide. Super Double takes a user centric approach to designing backpacks. There are currently two main product lines - Classic and Dash. The Super Double Classic is a multifunctional backpack features a vertically organized storage system with a quick-release module. The patented system allows fast access to frequently used items without removing backpack from your back. The model thus becomes a useful companion on the way to work, school, sports, or when traveling. Further additional modules are available, conceived for special occasions ranging from carrying a laptop or camera equipment to baby essentials. The Super Double Dash is a ground breaking school backpack developed with orthopedist. It features a super light carbon fibre support structure, an innovative balance indicator on the strap and a clever folder system for ease of organization. The modular front panel allows the backpack to be expanded to hold larger items such as badminton racket or baseball gloves without taking up the internal space. Dash delivers these great features all in a super light backpack weighing less than 700g. In 2022 it has been chosen as the complimentary backpack for all new first graders in Taitung County.