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Take a trip to Scent Forest and heal your heart

Staying honest and keeping high quality are the only two things we persist in the whole journey of research and development. Scent Forest is the exquisite aroma gift brand. Creative Expo Taiwan 2022, Scent Forest has partnered with Hello Studio and present you two brand new scent candles: Lemon Grass with Sunshine and Rose Bergamot. You can find out slightly sour and gentle sweet mixed in the first aroma impression. Whether it is the freshness from lemon grass or bergamot, you sure regain more strength and courage to explore the second chance. Come, come rest in the Scent Forest. Here are more gift choices and personal aroma items, included varietal bouquet candles. Immersing in the aroma, we rest our mind and untold secret. Also, Scent Forest designed twelve zodiac animals of aroma clips, so you can enjoy the fragrance in good and bad days. Hey, get yourself a free gift with a purchase of over $1000.