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WOODLIFE and Mu Sleep take the outdoor furniture into the house!

WOODLIFE is a wooden furniture brand based in Changhua Lukang, Taiwan. With over 30 years` of experience in carpentry, we use our traditional technique, combined with contemporary living style to create new faces for furniture. We use the classic rosewood, combining with a new material, rattan, to create the furniture-Aka Extendable Table and the new Camping Chair. Rattan, cool, flexible and durable, is a perfect traditional craft that can be seen in lots of furniture and interior design. In the meantime, the new bedding brand Mu Sleep also launched a brand-new product“Mu Forest-Adventurer”for the first time in 2022 Creative Expo Taiwan. Mu Forest-Adventurer is a detachable mattress with two layers. The top layer“Adventure”, featuring thin and light, can be separated from the main mattress “Forest”and be folded into a storage bag, make it suitable for camping.