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nuGen - Generations Work Together to Create a Multi-sensory Experience

nuGen Lifestyle Inc. is a company that integrates architecture, leasing management, and lifestyle brand. We provide high-quality living environments, comfortable rooms and environmentally friendly lifestyle product designs by offering consumers the feeling of solidity, happiness and warmth. We aim to create a more sustainable future, which resonates with Maslow's hierarchy of needs to achieve self-actualization. nuGen lifestyle brand was founded in 2020. Anne, the CEO of nuGen, hopes to convey the feeling of warmth and healing through embroidery and through her brand soul characters and upcycle yarn embroidery collections. The five brand souls are Cuddle, Hearty, Summer, Nima and Mood. nuGen will be exhibiting at Booth C5-01 of Taiwan Cultural Expo (Kaohsiung Exhibition Center) from 8/10/2022 to 8/14/2022. Let’s experience sustainable innovation together!