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Crossover Combination of Epidemic Prevention Boutique & Merchandise and Artist IP

【Annual new product launch conference】 Jibiao's annual new product event, such as Marie Claire masks," NASA FRIENDS" popular products, cross-border combination of brand and artist IP.... We've prepared wonderful content, We look forward to meeting and discussing about new coming-up opportunity to work with you. 【Free gift for buyers & Visitors】 All buyers show their business cards & join Jibiao [email protected] and share Jibiao's official FB, and fill in the questionnaire You can get a set of French brand " Marie Claire Masks",(Limited quantity). Ordinary visitors can get a limited number of cute name cards at the booth by clicking "like" on the official FB of Jibiao. (Booth Number: L2-30) *NOTE: The number of gifts is mainly based on the actual situation on site. 【Buyer Contract Exclusive Offer】 During the exhibition, an exclusive cooperation preferential plan will be launched. Professionals will order an exclusive product plan for you, and the buyer will be given a 90-day contract extended sales period if you sign the contract on site.