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Walking in story, mother bring barefoot children to buy "story shoes".

When you buy shoes, do you go barefoot? At the Taipei International mombaby fair, a mother made a special trip to bring her barefoot child to buy the popular “Story Shoes", hoping to make the child walk like a fairy tale The protagonist acts as a companion, telling the children the story of Little Red Riding Hood every night before sleeping, enhancing the relationship between parents and children, here to see the creativity of Taiwan's own brands in the exhibition. According to BoingBoing, a shoe brand owner from Taichung, young parents are very willing to invest in the outfits of their beloved children, and they also like to share their love with their children through social networks, so they want to offer parent-child shoes. The idea of ​​combining with the classic fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Wild Wolf", directly show the fairy tale star on the shoes, with each pair of story shoes, leave a good memory with the children together!