箱 箱




Boxface Lab creates designs based on two keywords: storage and variety of combinations. The box-shaped characters created based on these keywords are applied to its creations in various areas. Picture books are written about a box child (Kino) and his trip to the box world of Boxface Lab's characters and the relevant art toys are created for the pleasure of many people. Boxface Lab works on creative activities that bring pleasure to people by collaborating with artists and designers from various fields.

Ballon Box

尺寸:Art Toy, Design Toy, Furniture Toy, Furniture

材質:Resin, Plastic, Acryl

Balloon Box is inspired by balloons. When a warm heart is contained in the box, the head inflates as a balloon to float in the sky. The box has storage space inside. and can be assembled as blocks.


尺寸:Art Toy, Design Toy

材質:Resin, Plastic, Paper, Wood

KINO has a warm heart, but it is faceless and unable to express its feelings. So KINO travels with the feeling box to open the box and show his feelings. KINO tries to look for its feelings by traveling the box world with the feeling box. KINO wears the box on his head to get along with the boxes.