Quan Zhou is a freelance drawer with 5 year experience. She had published two graphic novel, one children illustration book and has 17k followers on her instagram account that is focused on her illustrations.

Gazpacho Agridulce, una autobiografía chino-andaluza (a chinese-spanis autobiography)

尺寸:136 pages. Full Color.

材質:Paper, rustic cover.

The Zhou family are a middle class family from Zhejiang, they move to spain to open a chinese restaurant in the early 90's. The Zhou daughters tells you how is to be born and raised in Spain, being chinese and also feeling spanish. Mum Zhou, describes her difficult story about how in order to honor her family she must have a son, and how is to educate her daughters without loosing their chinese roots. But also, you will learn about interacial friendships, identity crisis and also a little bit of love.

Gazpacho Agridulce, andaluchinas por el mundo (andaluchinas around the world)

尺寸:144 pages, full color.

材質:Paper, rustic cover.

The Zhou sisters had grown up and as young adults, they are looking foward to live their life outside their family's Chinese restaurant. Fu, the oldest, follows her dream and lands in US. Quan moves to Madrid to study graphic design at university, and Qing, the youngest, is trying to find herself and her spiritual path in Spain. But her will to move abroad never stops, and she ends up moving to France. Andaluchinas por el mundo is a inward and outward trip, to the world and to the soul of three young woman pursing their dreams.