SRINLIM, a Bangkok-based design studio since 2009, delivers vivid home-decor and spatial products with trendy graphical artisanship to create and share new experiences. We work across the fields of graphic and textile designs with a conceptual approach. What reflected in our designs is our belief in the rich Thai cultures, local artistry and folk art. We reinterpret these valuable resources with new perspectives, selective materials and contemporary printing technology while keeping the essence of our roots. A piece of our work is meant to be blended harmoniously with one’s way of living and values

Inner Light Collection


材質:Ceramic Tray

This collection was inspired by the designer's own journey of self-discovery, and the revelation of beauty that comes from light peace within. I have an impressive with those ornaments on Thai-Chinese Architecture since it reminds me of my childhood memories in Old Town of Bangkok. This work is inspired by vintage metalwork. To make it modern and simple, Six color pairs with two sizing. The Inside lies a colourful shade while the outside lies a rustic colour to represent the lighting passing through the window at night. The colours can be selected by your own to represent the character of each person.

Typotown Collection

尺寸:Typography Artwork

材質:Printed Textile with hand stitching technique

To understand tradition by living the present and inspiring the better future: this collection was inspired by the designer's own journey of self discovery, and the revelation of beauty come from within beam of peace. The artist conveys the impressions offered in the designs and architectural details of Bangkok's old town, such as China Town, with Thai typography and graphic design through the metal frame and those ornaments in the old town.