lamunlamai♡ , we are craft studio based in Bangkok , Thailand . We do all custom-made pottery ceramic / craft things / and all lamunlamai things make the mealtimes more meaningfulfound in 2012 . love is in the air, love is in the star, also in our ceramics ♥

lamunlamai pinchware set

尺寸:plate 8" / plate 6" / bowl 4"

材質:porcelain with glazed

from clay to slab , from slab into form kneaded , squeezed , pinched , pressed , compressed and combined to create 3-piece diner sets with different special notable decorations by painting , brushing , oxide washing and glazing on porcelain. the maker's touches are remained and delivered the characteristic of the craftsmanship to the users. this great combination will sparkle your normal routine and turn it into one special day.

lamunlamai Timeless Touch

尺寸:Deep plate set and mugs

材質:porcelain with color glazed

My Timeless Touch ; co-branding project of TALENT THAI by DITP By the concept of PAINKILLER in Autumn/Winter 2017 “Return to form”- lamunlamai represents our ceramic products for a daily used by the shapes and details that appear in the past but telling once again with the new perspective of technique and color in nowadays. All hand-made with the finest Porcelain clay and special high-temperatured firing process with our signature glaze to be timeless for everyday use.